Stroop Colour & Word Test Kit – Children

Author(s) : Charles Golden, Shawna Freshwater and Zarabeth Golden

Publisher : Stoelting, 2002

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The Stroop Color & Word Test for Adults and Children differentiates normal, non brain-damaged psychiatric, and brain-damaged subjects by providing a diagnosis of brain dysfunction, and the evaluation of stress, personality cognition and psychopathology.

Each Stroop Test Booklet consists of three basic parts: Word Page-the names of color printed in black ink; Color Page-semantically meaningless symbols (X) printed in colored ink, and Color-Word Page-comprised of the words from the first page, printed in the colors from the second page, with the restriction that the word and color do not match.

The task is to look at each sheet, and move down the columns, reading words or naming the ink colors, as quickly as possible, within a given time limit. The test yields three scores, and Interference, based on the number of items completed.

The Child version is suitable for use with children between 5-14 years.

The Stroop Colour & Word Test Kit - Children includes:

  • Manual
  • 25 Test Booklets
Charles Golden, Shawna Freshwater and Zarabeth Golden

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