Symbolic Play Test 2nd ed. Record Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Marianne Lowe and Anthony J. Costello

Publisher : GL Assessment, 1988

SKU : 100QBH

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The Symbolic Play Test, Second Edition is a standardised assessment that helps professionals identify the early skills required for language development, through the observation of children as they play with miniature objects in a variety of situations.

The test consists of four independent situations, in which four sets of attractive miniature objects are presented to children in a set order, enabling the user to observe if the child relates to them appropriately.

The Symbolic Play Test 2nd ed. Record Form lists all items in order of frequency of occurrence (within each test situation). The examiner will mark the score for each item in Situation I -IV directly onto the record form, computing the total score at the bottom.

Marianne Lowe and Anthony J. Costello

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