TABS Adult Autoscore Test/Profile Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Laurie Anne Pearlman

Publisher : WPS, 2003

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The Trauma and Attachment Belief Scale (TABS) is an 84-item self-report measure that assesses long-term impact of trauma, helping clinicians design effective individualised treatment plans.

The TABS assesses beliefs-about self and others-that are related to five needs commonly affected by traumatic experience (safety, trust, esteem, intimacy, control). For each of these dimensions, the TABS produces 10 scale scores reflecting "beliefs about self" and "beliefs about others." A Total Score is also provided.

The TABS Adult Autoscore Test/Profile Form is used when testing adults. The TABS asks respondents to rate the extent to which each of the 84 statements matches their own beliefs (on a scale from 1-6).

Once the respondent has completed the assessment, the examiner removes the perforated strip to view the Scoring Worksheet - all item response values from 1-6 will have transferred. The raw scores and raw score total are marked on the Worksheet.

A completed Test/Profile Form provides the TABS Total Score and ten Subscale Scores.

Laurie Anne Pearlman

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