Talking Up Our Strengths Cards

ISBN13 : 978 1 920945 411

Publisher : St. Luke's Innovative Resources

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Talking Up Our Strengths is a set of 22 evocative, photomontage cards that celebrate the strengths and values of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

These family snap-style photos show people being 'strong in culture'. They are designed to foster recognition of what Aboriginal people have done-and continue to do-to nuture pride, identity and resilience.

The themes featured on the cards include our children, knowledge, Elders, land, music, health, connection, and our past, present and future.

These cards can be used as visual aids for sharing stories-stories that strengthen pride in culture, and help nuture indigenous children to flourish and grow.

Use these cards:

  • As reminders of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, cultural richness and shared meanings
  • To focus on celebrations and activities within and between communities
  • To help a group open up and build relationships at the beginning of a workshop or class
  • To help people make connections between more abstract ideas and their lived experience
  • As reminders about the importance of all Australians taking pride in, and respecting, the cultures that have cared for, and been a part of, this land for so long

Talking Up Our Strengths is a visual feast and catalyst for conversations and storytelling in schools, communities, groups, social work settings, board rooms, family gatherings and back yards.

Includes 22 laminated cards and instructional booklet.