TAWF-2 Complete Kit

Author(s) : Diane J. German

Publisher : Pro-Ed USA, 2016

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Purpose: Assess the word-finding ability of adolescents and adults.
Ages: 12–80 (Grade 7 and higher)
Time: 20–30 minutes

The Test of Adolescent/Adult Word Finding- Second Edition (TAWF-2) is a norm-referenced, single-word expressive language test expressly designed to assess the word-finding ability of adolescents and adults.

It can be used to identify individuals who have word-finding problems, plan word finding intervention, and measure word finding ability in research studies.

Key Features

  • New noun and verb target words have been added
  • Contains both the 80-item Complete Test and the 28-item Brief Test for use with examinees or in situations where the Complete Test is not feasible
  • The lexical processing model underlying TAWF-2 has been updated to reflect current thinking regarding word retrieval
  • The Comprehension Check functions as a built-in assessment of examinees' word knowledge
  • Adolescents and adults with diagnosed word finding difficulties were included in the norming sample
  • The standardized assessment and informal analyses are integral features of comprehensive word finding assessments

The TAWF-2 Complete Kit includes Examiner's Manual, Word Finding Assessment Picture Book, Comprehension Check Picture Book, and 25 Examiner Record Forms, all in a sturdy storage box.

Diane J. German

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