The Hickey Multisensory Language Course 3rd ed.

ISBN13 : 1861561784

Author(s) : Margaret Combley

Publisher : Wiley, 2000

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The Hickey Multisensory Language Course 3rd ed. is widely used throughout the UK by teachers working with dyslexic learners of all ages, and is a core text for university courses directed at specialist teachers.

Special educational needs, including dyslexia, must be identified, assessed, and addressed, mostly within an inclusive mainstream classroom. Special programmes such as the Hickey are implemented as part of an Individual Education Plan (IEP), and need to be linked to teaching literacy in primary schools.

The Third edition makes explicit links with current classroom organisation and gives examples of appropriate IEPs, and suggestions for use of information and communications technology (ICT).

To address the need for specific training in phonological awareness, the Hickey Lesson Plan has been modified, and a chapter added which includes specific games and activities to develop phonological awareness, and to develop the use of strategies in reading a range of whole texts.

Margaret Combley