The New Reynell Developmental Language Scale (NRDLS) Multilingual Toolkit Manual

ISBN13 : 9780708720585

Author(s) : Susan Edwards, Carolyn Letts and Indra Sinka

Publisher : GL Assessment, 2011

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The New Reynell Developmental Language Scales (NRDLS) identifies speech and language delays and impairments in very young children (3-7.5 years of age). The NRDLS provides diagnostic information about a child's production and understanding of spoken language.

The NRDLS Multilingual Toolkit is an additional handbook that provides guidance on how to adapt and use the assessment with children for who English is an additional language.

The Multilingual Toolkit:

  • Revisits the theoretical background for each section of the assessment and discusses how this might apply in languages other than English
  • Illustrates with examples the sorts of adaptations that could be made to the section, depending on linguistic and cultural context
  • Uses examples where appropriate to indicate what an individual child's performance on an adapted section might mean for their assessment
  • Refers to any relevant literature on how the aspect of language explored by the section is acquired in other languages, or how it is affected in cases of language impairment.
  • Encourages the clinician to consider particular questions appropriate to the section when considering the target language.
Susan Edwards, Carolyn Letts and Indra Sinka

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