The Sensory Connection

An OT and SLP Team Approach

ISBN13 : 9781932565485

Author(s) : Nancy Kashman and Janet Mora

Publisher : Future Horizons

SKU : 3078BK

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Drawing on their extensive experience in developing and implementing effective treatment programs in homes, schools, and clinics, Nancy Kashman (Occupational Therapist - OT) and Janet Mora (Speech Language Pathologist - SLP) provide practical advice and workable strategies to help children and adults with sensory and communication disorders.

Combining aspects of occupational and speech-language therapies, Nancy and Janet demonstrate how an integrated team approach increases therapeutic effectiveness while maximising the benefits of treatment resources. This title offers even techniques that can enhance a person’s ability to attend, function, and learn.

Detailed, illustrated appendices show and explain creative activities and sample handouts.

Nancy Kashman and Janet Mora