The Ultimate Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder

Easy, Everyday Solutions to Sensory Challenges

ISBN13 : 978-1-935274-07-0

Author(s) : Dr Roya Ostovar

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2010

SKU : 5142BK

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When sensory processing is impaired, lights can be too bright, sounds too loud, and clothes can be painful on the skin.

It can be practically impossible for children to tolerate their day, let alone learn in a classroom, when suffering from sensory processing disorder (SPD).

In this book, with a forward by best-selling special-needs author Carol Kranowitz, neuropsychologist Dr. Roya Ostovar provides clear explanations, up-to-date research, step-by-step strategies, and case examples that bring her proven methods to life, enabling parented to help their children with SPD.

Dr Roya Ostovar