Thinking Protocols for Learning

ISBN13 : 9781760569921

Author(s) : Janelle Wills

Publisher : Hawker Brownlow Education, 2020

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As students navigate the complexities and challenges of a rapidly changing world, it is vital to ensure they are able to adapt, interact, persevere, act ethically and – most importantly – think. However, thinking and relational skills are not innate skills. They must be explicitly taught.

With an education system characterised by time constraints, an overcrowded curriculum and the pressure to raise performance, time spent on cultivating thinking skills can be perceived as a luxury rather than an integral part of an education.

Thinking Protocols for Learning empowers readers to implement deliberate practice and intentional application of protocols and provides strategies for the promotion of different types of thinking. These are not time fillers or isolated activities; they integrate instruction for crucial skills into the existing curriculum for more effective engagement.

Educators often struggle to find a resource that addresses all of the key types of thinking. This book is a response to that need, drawing on and concisely synthesising ideas and approaches from many different areas and authors.

Thinking Protocols for Learning is an essential resource that gives educators the tools to prepare students for the future.

Janelle Wills