Threads of Thinking: Young Children Learning and the Role of Early Education

ISBN13 : 9781412910842

Author(s) : Cathy Nutbrown

Publisher : SAGE, 2006

SKU : 9781412910842

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Threads of Thinking, Third Edition is a book for all early years practitioners who wish to support and develop children's thinking. The author presents evidence of continuity and progression in young children's thinking and shows, with detailed observations, that they are able and active learners. She considers aspects of children's patterns of learning and thinking - or schemas - and demonstrates clearly how children learn in an active, dynamic and creative way.

Numerous examples of young children 'in action' are used, which illustrate their learning in areas of literacy, mathematics and science. Observations of babies and toddlers are included in this new edition with discussion of how their early schematic development can be supported. Examples of children learning through creative experiences in the arts are also included. Implications for curriculum, assessment and work with parents are thoroughly considered in a style that compels attention to children's own learning agendas.

Cathy Nutbrown