Tickets: A Tool to Tame Behaviour

Publisher : Quirky Kid

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Tickets are a complete reward system that encourages parents to work together with their child to manage behaviour.

Parents start by setting clear, achievable goals with their child, and follow this up with lots of direct praise when they see the child achieve the goal. Then, they watch as the surprise reward appears as their child scratches their Tickets to reveal fun and creative activities the whole family can share in.

An inventive and cooperative tool for managing your child's behaviour, it is so simple to use:

  • Set a goal
  • Give your child a ticket to acknowledge when the goal is achieved
  • When your child collects enough tickets, he/she gets to scratch and win
  • Enjoy the fun and interactive reward activities together!

There are 10 scratchy rewards per Ticket set. Each scratchy panel has 3 choices of reward: 2 pre-existing ones and a blank one.

The choice of rewards are mostly parent positive-child experiences like: Go for Ice Cream, Take a ride on a bus , boat or train, Bake a cake, Have treasure hunt, Invite a Friend to come and play etc.

This resource has been developed by Child Psychologist Kimberley O'Brien and tried and tested by parents.