TOMAGS-2 Intermediate Level Student Booklets (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Gail R. Ryser and Susan K. Johnsen

Publisher : Pro-ED USA, 2020

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The Test of Mathematical Abilities for Gifted Students–Second Edition (TOMAGS-2) is a standardised, norm-referenced test used to identify students in Grades 1 through 6 who are gifted in mathematics.

Specifically, the TOMAGS-2 measures students’ ability to use mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

The second edition now has three levels: the Primary level for Grades 1 and 2, the Intermediate level for Grades 3 and 4, and the new Advanced level for Grades 5 and 6.

New Features

  • An all-new demographically representative standardisation sample was collected in 2014–2018.
  • Only one set of norms for general education students (which includes a small percentage of students with exceptionalities and disabilities) is reported.
  • New studies of the floors, ceilings, and item gradients index scores are included.
  • New studies of test bias (both differential item functioning and subgroup comparison studies) indicated that the test possesses little or no bias in regard to gender, race, or ethnicity.
  • New reliability and validity studies, including diagnostic accuracy analyses were done. These analyses involve the computation of sensitivity and specificity indexes and the receiver operating characteristic/area under the curve (ROC/AUC) statistic.

The TOMAGS-2 Intermediate Level Student Booklets (pkg 25) is completed by the student. Intermediate Level includes Grades 3 and 4. 

Gail R. Ryser and Susan K. Johnsen

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