Towards a Moving School

Developing a Professional Learning & Performance Culture

ISBN13 : 9780864317025

Author(s) : John Fleming and Elizabeth Kleinhenz

Publisher : ACER Press, 2007

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In Towards a Moving School, two leading educational experts examine the theory and practice behind schools with strong learning and performance cultures.

They explore why and how schools become 'moving' schools, with teachers who have high levels of professional accountability, taking personal and collective responsibility for improving students' learning and their own teaching methods. Moreover, they explain why and how principals and school leaders should understand and respect the complexity of teachers' professional knowledge base and value their work accordingly, so as to mobilise the collective capacity of their staff.

Towards a Moving School is part of the Educational Leadership Dialogues series, which teams up ACER researchers and experienced school principals to write short, evidence-based, practical guides on topics of significance, with the aim of highlighting significant areas of agreement and disagreement, or difference of focus.

Dr Elizabeth Kleinhenz has many years' experience as a teacher, administrator and curriculum consultant in the Victorian state education system. She is an ACER Senior Research Fellow and provides consultancy services in the areas of teaching standards, pre-service teacher education, teacher professional development and teacher evaluation.

John Fleming has taught in the Victorian government school system for nearly 30 years. He is Head of Precinct at the Berwick Campus of Haileybury College. He was previously Principal of Bellfield Primary School, where he was committed to changing the school's culture, and to dealing with significant literacy and numeracy challenges.