TSFI Manual

Author(s) : Georgia A. DeGangi and Stanley I. Greenspan

Publisher : WPS, 1989

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The Test of Sensory Functions in Infants (TSFI) helps identify infants (4-18 months) with sensory integrative dysfunction--including those at risk for developing learning disabilities as they grow older. The TSFI provides objective criteria that allow you to determine whether, and to what extent, an infant has deficits in sensory functioning.

Composed of 24 items, the TSFI can be individually administered in just 20 minutes. The items require simple interaction with the baby, who is seated on the parent's lap, with bare feet and forearms exposed. The therapist touches the child or presents various stimulus materials and then records the child's reaction using clear-cut scoring criteria.

The TSFI Manual provides information on:

  • General Overview and Uses of the TSFI
  • Administration
  • Scoring
  • Interpretation of Scores
  • Case Studies
  • Psychometrics Properties
Georgia A. DeGangi and Stanley I. Greenspan

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