TVPS-3 Record Form (pk25)

Author(s) : Nancy A Martin

Publisher : Academic Therapy Publicaions, 2006

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Please note: TVPS-3 materials are while stocks last, as they have been made out of print. Please refer to the TVPS-4

The Test of Visual Perceptual Skills - 3 (TVPS-3) is an assessment to determine the visual perceptual strengths and weaknesses of students ages 4-0 through 18-11. Visual perception is an important ability that enables one to make sense out of what is seen (in contrast to visual acuity tests which determine just that something was seen by the individual).

The TVPS-3 utilises black and white line drawings as stimuli for all of the perceptual tasks (the stimulus plates are bound in a convenient easel-style booklet). The items are presented in a multiple-choice format, and responses can be made vocally (by saying the letter of the response choice) or by pointing to the answer choice. This format is ideal for use with students who may have impairments in motor, speech, hearing, neurological, or cognitive functions.

The TVPS-3 Record Form is used by the examiner to record the child's answer choices. The correct answer is indicated on the Record Form (in parentheses) next to the item number. The child's response is recorded in the space next to the item number (regardless if it is correct or incorrect).

Correct answers are scored '1', with incorrect items scored as '0'. The correct responses are tallied for each subtest and recorded. Details are then provided on how to translate raw scores to the scales scores and how the sums of the scales scores are used for the Index and Overall Standard Scores.

Nancy A Martin

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