Understanding Yourself and Others

An Introductions to the 4 Temperaments Version 4.0

ISBN13 : 9780984422005

Author(s) : Linda Berens

Publisher : Radiance House, 2010

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Linda Berens has updated Understanding Yourself and Others: An Introduction to the 4 Temperaments-4.0 to include the latest developments in Temperament theory.

Many corporate organisational development leaders recognise that understanding Temperament can enhance nearly every aspect of corporate performance, from leadership development to employee motivation and retention to creativity and innovation to navigating change.

The challenge has been that the old names-Rational, Guardian, Artisan and Idealist-contribute to some bias in organisations.

In this new edition, Linda Berens introduces us to the next evolution of Temperament-the four new terms:

  1. Improviser™ (a.k.a. Artisan/SP/Orange): To improvise is to vary your actions to get a result using whatever is at hand. In an ever changing environment, improvising is greatly needed. It is the ultimate expression of the freedom to respond to the needs of the moment. It is also the means to create pleasant aesthetic experiences.

  2. Stabilizer™ (a.k.a. Guardian/SJ/Gold): Stabilizing prevents groups and institutions from falling apart. It is fundamental to creating an environment where one can be secure in a sense of belonging. It provides the means to economic security and behaving in a responsible way.

  3. Theorist™ (a.k.a. Rational/NT/Green): Understanding and developing theories provides the basis for mastery and competence. It is fundamental to success in business as well as in school. Businesses are built on scientific discoveries and innovations. Theory is the means to understanding an objective truth on which to build a path to achievement.

  4. Catalyst™ (a.k.a. Idealist/NF/Blue): To catalyze is to engage with others in a way that promotes their identity without losing one's own identity. Catalyzing is natural to those who need to have a meaning and purpose to their lives. It is the means to self-actualization.

Engaging graphics and easy-to-read text lead readers on a journey of self-discovery. This booklet is used widely by trainers, career professionals, coaches, managers and others to lead individuals, groups and teams through the dynamics of Temperament.

Linda Berens