Uniquely Normal Manual

Using The Bernstein Cognitive Method for Autism

ISBN13 : 9781949177978

Author(s) : Robert Bernstein

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2023

SKU : 5586BK

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The Bernstein Cognitive Method is educational therapist Robert J. Bernstein’s unique cognitive approach to treating individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It works with children in their everyday environments, so it’s readily accessible and requires no props or tools, focusing on doing the things that we know captivate the child’s attention and capitalizes on their natural absorption in those moments.

This manual is the companion guide to Uniquely Normal: Tapping the Reservoir of Normalcy to Treat Autism. It is a guide to using the Bernstein Cognitive Method for Autism (BCMA, or Bernstein Method).

In the original book, Uniquely Normal, Bernstein tells you what I do. In the new Manual, he teachs you HOW to do it.

Rob teaches us the commonsense approach and uses everyday situations to help children with autism progress with language, socialization, and organization. You don’t need a graduate school education to use this method; you have all the knowledge and skills you need. You already know how to do everything necessary to make a difference for your child.

Robert J. Bernstein has been treating children on the autism spectrum for more than 30 years.

Robert Bernstein