Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test (UNIT)

Author(s) : Bruce A Bracken R Steve McCallum

Publisher : Riverside Publishing, 1998


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Purpose: To measure general intelligence/cognitive ability
Candidates: 5.0-17.11 years of age
Administration: Abbreviated Battery: 10-15 minutes, Standard Battery: 30 minutes, Extended Battery: 45 minutes - Individual

Features: Administration and response formats are completely non verbal and fair for all students, irrespective of race, ethnicity, sex, language, country of origin, and hearing status

Content: The Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test (UNIT) is designed to provide a fair, comprehensive, standardised, and norm-referenced assessment of general intelligence with entirely nonverbal administration and response formats.The UNIT assesses four facets of intelligence: reasoning, memory, symbolic processing, and nonsymbolic processing.

The UNIT may be administered in three forms, depending upon time available and the purpose of the evaluation:

  • Abbreviated Battery - screener
  • Standard Battery - diagnostic decisions
  • Extended Battery - diagnostic eligibility

The examiner uses eight relatively universal hand and body gestures to explain tasks to the examinee. In addition to these gestures, UNIT administration employs examiner demonstrations, sample items, corrective responses, transitional checkpoint items, and scored items that do not permit examiner feedback.

The UNIT is intended to provide a fair assessment of intelligence for individuals who have speech, language, or hearing impairments; different cultural or language backgrounds; or verbally uncommunicative.The UNIT also provides diagnostic information relevant to common educational exceptionalities, including mental retardation, giftedness, and learning disabilities.

Bruce A Bracken R Steve McCallum

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