University Teaching in Focus 2nd Edition

A Learning-centred Approach

ISBN13 : 9780367442101

Author(s) : Edited By Lynne Hunt and Denise Chalmers

Publisher : Routledge, 2021

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The second edition of University Teaching in Focus distils the knowledge and insights of internationally acclaimed experts in university teaching. It empowers university teachers and contributes to their career success by developing their teaching skills, strategies and knowledge.

Written in a clear and accessible style, it provides a sharp focus on student learning through the lens of four sections:

  • Focus on subject and curriculum design
  • Focus on subject teaching and learning
  • Focus on students
  • Focus on your career

Each of the 15 chapters targets a key teaching and learning issue referencing seminal works, current resources and practical applications using real-world cases. The ‘Your thoughts’ sections encourage reflection and offer opportunities to adapt international evidence about best practice to local contexts and disciplines.

This edition will be a key resource for foundational teaching development programs in higher education institutions or as a self-help manual by early career and experienced teachers who wish to enhance their students’ learning.

Edited By Lynne Hunt and Denise Chalmers