Ups & Downs Cards

ISBN13 : 978 1 920945 336

Publisher : St Luke's Innovative Resources, 2009

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Ups and Downs is a conversation-building resource valuable for counsellors, psychologists, managers and teachers featuring a little fellow who lives the whole gamut of our emotions. It is a text-free tool that uses vivid images to encourage dialogue about feelings and strengths.

This card set can be used reflectively to survey and review our own personal journeys. It is ideal for therapeutic conversations about coping with change, choices and how we might hold on to clarity and hope when 'the fog descends'. These cards can also be used for a range of fun and informal activities including icebreakers or as a stimulus for creative writing.

Examples of ways the cards can be used include:

  • Which of the Ups and Downs cards sum up how you're travelling now? Can you describe how you are feeling?
  • Do you know where you are sailing to? How ship-shape is your boat? Do you have all you need to complete the journey?
  • How do you feel when things are about to change in your life? Which card describes what it's like when change happens?

The cards present scenarios any bathtub sailor might experience: from the bliss of steady winds and calm seas to the terror of cyclones; from the relief of seeing the beam of a lighthouse to the anxiety of watching circling sharks.

Includes 54 colour laminated cards and instructional booklet.