Using and Analysing Data in Australian Schools

Why, How and What

ISBN13 : 9781760566739

Author(s) : Selena Fisk

Publisher : Hawker Brownlow Education, 2019

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Teachers know that data can be a powerful aid in driving student learning and achievement, but are often left without guidance when it comes to which data to collect, how to analyse it and when and where to use it.

In Using and Analysing Data in Australian Schools, Selena Fisk brings her experience as a classroom teacher and school leader to demonstrate how understanding and using data effectively can not only change the way you see your students, but how they see themselves as learners.

This practical guide will show you how to bring all those letters and numbers to life, and create a classroom culture where quality feedback, growth mindsets and principles of positive psychology can work together to transform the lowest achievers into rising stars, and where a whole-school approach to monitoring achievement can ensure that every student’s progress remains on track for continued success.

This resource is packed with specific, classroom-tested strategies and tips for implementing them in any classroom, featuring real examples taken from common data sources such as NAPLAN bands, stanines and GPAs. Steps for developing data protocols, facilitating data-informed conversations and conducting teacher-team discussions are also included, as well as customisable templates that every teacher can use as they set out on their own data journey.

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