648 Pictures with Language Activities Book

ISBN13 : 978-1586500764

Author(s) : Renee Shropshire and Christina L. Haislip

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

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Vocab-U-Themes includes 648 reproducible vocabulary illustrations with corresponding versatile expressive and receptive language activities.

The book and activities cover six main sections:

  1. Household Items
  2. Transportation
  3. Food
  4. Animals
  5. Clothes
  6. Miscellaneous (Body Parts, Musical Instruments, Party Items, Plants, School, Sports, and Weather).

Each section includes:

  • Narrative about the topic with definitions and descriptions of the vocabulary
  • Alphabetised, comprehensive list of words
  • Picture-words.
  • A game board
  • Page of "Wh" questions
  • Similarities/differences activity page
  • Category picture find
  • Categories activities page
  • Vocabulary goals.
Renee Shropshire and Christina L. Haislip