WCST Introductory Kit

Author(s) : David A. Grant and Esta A. Berg

Publisher : PAR, 1993

SKU : 990QBQ

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The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) is an assessment used to assess perseveration and abstract reasoning. It allows you to assess your client's strategic planning; organised searching; and ability to utilise environmental feedback to shift cognitive sets, direct behaviour toward achieving a goal, and modulate impulsive responding.

Respondents are required to sort numbered response cards according to different principles and to alter their approach during test administration.

Unlike other measures of abstraction, the WCST provides objective measures of overall success and identifies particular sources of difficulty on the task (e.g., inefficient initial conceptualisation, perseveration, failure to maintain a cognitive set, inefficient learning across stages of the test).

The WCST Introductory Kit includes:

  • WCST Manual (Revised and Expanded)
  • 50 Record Booklets
  • 2 Card Decks
David A. Grant and Esta A. Berg

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