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Understand how the Westmead Feelings Program can support the mental health of students and teachers.

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Gain a deeper understanding of how the Westmead Feelings Program can support the mental health of students and teachers.

The Westmead Feelings Programs are a pair of 15-month intervention programs teaching children about emotional understanding and social awareness, in close collaboration with parents, teachers and facilitators.

Designed for autistic children, the program can be used in the everyday classroom setting, supporting and teaching all students about their emotions and feelings.

Help your students gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and see how the Westmead Feelings Program can positively impact your classroom.

  • Date: Tuesday 29th November
  • Time: 4pm - 4:45pm AEST
  • Format: Online via ZOOM
  • Cost: FREE

For Victorian Government Schools: The Westmead Feelings Program is funded under the Victorian Government Mental Health Menu.

Find out more about the research, development,
implementation and the overall Westmead Feelings Program.

About the Presenter

Eirini Lammi (Clinical Psychology Registrar) has more than 15 years’ experience in the educational sector as Primary School Teacher and Psychologist, both in Australia and the United Kingdom. Eirini established a private practice in the inner west of Sydney where she developed expertise in the field of cognitive and behavioural assessments. She also facilitated training programs for teachers and parents in the area of resilience and strength based interventions. More recently, Eirini has developed expertise in the designing and implementation training seminars and practical workshops for psychologists on the use, administration, scoring and interpretation of psychological tests and related resources. Eirini is a Registered Psychologist and an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

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