WellComm Early Years Toolkit

Publisher : GL Assessment

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Age: 6 months-6 years

Time: 20 minutes

The WellComm Early Years Toolkit enables teachers, teaching assistants, SENCOs and Early Years Practitioners (no specialist speech and language expertise required) to quickly and easily identify children needing speech and language support, and provides a means of monitoring the success of strategies used to enhance communication skills.

The new Revised Edition includes new content, updated chapters and improved artwork in the Picture Book.

The WellComm Early Years Toolkit  includes:

The Screening Tool

  • The Handbook
  • The Little Book of Score Sheets and Rules


  • The Big Book of Ideas
  • The Picture Book

Reporting Wizard

  • 12 month subscription to the Reporting Wizard.

The Report Wizard is a reporting tool to enable scores to be calculated accurately and quickly – reducing the errors known to be made when scoring by hand, and automatically interprets the results of the assessment. It also instantly generates a range of customised reports, which can allow users to include their own interpretations and comments. These reports include: