Work Aspect Preference Scale 2 (WAPS-II)

Author(s) : Dr Robert Pryor

Publisher : Congruence, 1999


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Purpose: Assess work aspect preferences

Age: 17+ years

Time: 10-20 minutes

Administration: Individual and group

What people seek from work can be a powerful motivator, but people are often not aware of their work aspect preferences. What people consider worthwhile and rewarding in work is generally agreed, by both theorists and practitioners, to be quite influential in individuals' personal and career development.

Providing Australian content and norms, the 52-WAPS 2 items are grouped into 13 scales:

  1. Altruism
  2. Co-workers
  3. Creativity
  4. Detachment
  5. Independence
  6. Life Style
  7. Management
  8. Money
  9. Physical Activities
  10. Prestige
  11. Security
  12. Self-Development
  13. Surroundings

This edition of the WAPS enables the measurement of General Work Preference dimensions — Non Work Orientation, Human/Personal Concern and Freedom.

The WAPS 2 is useful in:

  • Counselling students about appropriate career choices
  • Rehabilitation to work of disabled individuals
  • Providing a general introduction to the study of personal and work values, for example, in a career education program
  • Research on career development and worker satisfaction
  • Life and career integration planning
Dr Robert Pryor

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