Anger Control Thinking Skills Puppet DVD

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This most engaging component of the Anger control program clearly demonstrates the six cognitive-behavioural principles taught by the game and workbook.

The DVD presents two vignettes for each of the six skills and two scenes (positive and negative models) for each vignette. An accompanying manual provides scripts, so you can easily present the skits yourself if you prefer.

It is best used in conjunction with at least one of he other anger control tools.

This is an ideal introduction to game-playing or storytelling sessions, especially for younger children.

  •    Skill 1: Knowing When Others are Being Aggressive
  •    Skill 2: Knowing Feelings Related Anger
  •    Skill 3: Knowing How Victims Feel
  •    Skill 4: Knowing How Others View Aggression
  •    Skill 5: Talking to Yourself to Control Anger
  •    Skill 6: Problem-Solving