Tests of Dyslexia (TOD™)

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The TOD is a comprehensive battery of tests and resources designed to help identify and plan interventions for individuals of all ages with dyslexia.

The TOD has three batteries: the TOD-Screener (TOD-S), three tests that can be administered to groups of students or to individuals, available in a paper or digital format; the TOD-Early (TOD-E), designed for the early identification of students in Grades K–2 (5 years, 0 months–9 years, 3 months) and the TOD-Comprehensive (TOD-C), designed for examinees from Grade 1 to adulthood (6 years, 0 months–89 years, 11 months).

 The TOD includes

  • indexes designed to indicate the risk and probability of dyslexia;
  • composites and tests that measure reading skills (untimed and timed), spelling, specific linguistic risk factors (phonological awareness, orthographic processing, rapid automatized naming, and working memory), and vocabulary and reasoning abilities;
  • self, parent, and teacher rating scales designed to capture qualitative indicators of dyslexia, such as a family history of reading problems and early difficulties with speech and language;
  • the Dyslexia Interventions and Recommendations guide to help examiners develop IEPs and targeted intervention plans to address specific skill weaknesses.

Assessment areas covered:

  • Spelling
  • Reasoning
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Fluency
  • Phonics Knowledge
  • Decoding Efficiency
  • Basic Reading Skills
  • Sight Word Acquisition
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Orthographic Processing
  • Auditory Working Memory
  • Rapid Automatized Naming
  • Reading Comprehension Efficiency
  • Visual Verbal Paired Associate Learning

Benefits of the TOD

The TOD includes the reading and linguistic abilities that are most relevant to the diagnosis of dyslexia: the TOD includes measures of word recognition (untimed and timed), phonics knowledge, reading fluency, and comprehension efficiency (the ability to comprehend text under time pressure), and also includes linguistic risk factors (e.g., phonological awareness, rapid automatized naming) that can help you determine the factors that are affecting reading development.

The TOD includes measures of vocabulary and reasoning to help you determine if the reading problem is specific and/or unexpected in relation to abilities that do not require reading.

Lastly, the TOD includes rating scales to help standardize the process of collecting information from parents, teachers, or individuals being assessed.

Step 1

The TOD starts with a brief screener (TOD-S) to determine an individual's Dyslexia Risk Index (DRI) and need for further assessment.

The screener provides a Dyslexia Risk Index score in 10-15 minutes - this brief assessment can be given individually or in a group format by teachers or other professionals.

Step 2

Use the TOD-Early (TOD-E; Grades K-2; 5 years, 0 months - 9 years, 3 months) to obtain an Early Dyslexia Diagnostic Index, or the TOD-Comprehensive (TOD-C; Grade 1 through adulthood; 6 years, 0 months - 89 years, 11 months) to obtain a Dyslexia Diagnostic Index (DDI).

Use the information from those Indexes, additional TOD diagnostic tests, and the parent, teacher and self-rating scales to determine if an individual has dyslexia.

Step 3

The evidence based Dyslexia Interventions and Recommendations: A Companion Guide to the Tests of Dyslexia (TOD) provides the ability to use data from the TOD-S, TOD-E and TOD-C to adjust classroom instruction to design a tailored intervention plan.

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