Online TOD-Screener (TOD-S): Response Booklet, Grade 6–Adult (10 uses)

Publisher : WPS, 2023

SKU : E1250

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The TOD is a comprehensive battery of tests and resources designed to help identify and plan interventions for individuals of all ages with dyslexia.

The TOD has three batteries: the TOD-Screener (TOD-S), three tests that can be administered to groups of students or to individuals, available in a paper or digital format; the TOD-Early (TOD-E), designed for the early identification of students in Grades K–2 (5 years, 0 months–9 years, 3 months) and the TOD-Comprehensive (TOD-C), designed for examinees from Grade 1 to adulthood (6 years, 0 months–89 years, 11 months).

Online TOD Response Booklets are only available for the TOD-S (Grade K-1, Grade 2-5 and Grade 6-Adult).

Online TOD Response Booklets are available via the WPS Online Evaluation System (, available in packs of 5 or 10 uses.

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