FAME Bring your own data (BYOD) Session – Course 3

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ACER's Foundation in Applied Measurement in Education (FAME) is a suite of 8 short, online, modular courses.

Rasch modelling short courses cover:

  • introductory concepts and theoretical understanding of educational assessment and measurement
  • item and test analysis
  • differential item functioning
  • test equating
  • psychometric analysis reports
  • large-scale analysis of educational data

COURSES 1 AND 2 Focus on the theoretical foundations that are essential to large-scale educational assessment.

COURSES 3 TO 8 Focus on applying the skills and require ACER ConQuest® software. Course 7 and 8 is offered for advanced analysis of large-scale education data. For more information about ACER ConQuest®, please go to the ACER ConQuest webpage.

FAME Bring your own Device (BYOD) Session – Course 3

  • provides participants with an opportunity to apply newly learnt skills to their own data, share results with facilitators and have a live Q&A.
  • a 1-hour workshop (in addition to standard inclusions) for each BYOD session.