Keys to Infant Caregiving Video (DVD)

Publisher : NCAST, 2021

SKU : 700KCP

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The Keys to Infant Caregiving Program is a research and video based program that provides important information on newborn and infant behaviour. It includes information on infant cues, infant states, state modulation and the importance of the feeding interaction.

The Keys to Infant Caregiving instructional video has been completely revised (2021). This program has all new video footage, quicker paced content, a greater range of ethnic and racially diverse families, and has preserved some of the most valuable archival footage for further learning. The new educational series provides readily accessible content for both professionals and other caregivers.

Information is presented about infants and their amazing capability to interact and engage in relationships with their parents and caregivers and how that impacts caregiving. This program will teach you about infant states, infant behaviors, and how even newborn babies communicate non-verbally through a language we call “infant cues.” You will learn how to apply this knowledge in practical, relationship-focused ways to support parents in their early developing relationship with their baby.

There are five modules in the 65-minute video—topics are: 

  1. Infant States
  2. Infant Behaviour
  3. Infant Cues
  4. State Modulation
  5. Feeding Interaction.

A bonus section with 40 minutes of classic, archival footage is also included to provide additional learning opportunities.