Online MHS Talent Assessment Portal Token: Entrepreneurial Edge

Author(s) : Roger Pearman Ed.D, R. Daniel Parks and Barry Phillips

Publisher : MHS, 2019

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The Entrepreneurial Edge helps individuals understand how to reach their entrepreneurial aspirations whether it be for the success of their own business or within another organization. With two different report options available, Intrapreneur Online Report and Entrepreneur Online Report (coming late 2019), both individuals and organizations can measure the competencies needed for entrepreneurial success.

Combining the author teams decades of entrepreneurial experience along with data collected from over one thousand entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and backed by a rigorous analytical process, the Entrepreneurial Edge was created. The Entrepreneurial Edge Model is made up of two components: The Action Modes and Innovation Cycle.

In order to purchase Online MHS Assessment Poral Tokens for the Entrepreneur Edge (to generate the Entrepreneur or Intrepreneur Edge reports), you must have previously purchased the Entrepreneurial Edge Online: Training Kit.

The Reports

  • Intrapreneur Report (47 tokens) 

In a fast-changing world, innovation is a necessity for any business. Companies and employees looking to build entrepreneurial skills can benefit from the Entrepreneurial Edge’s Intrapreneur Report. The Intrapreneur Report is tailored for those looking to innovate within an organization. Find out what each of the entrepreneurial competencies mean from an intrapreneur perspective. Advice and tips within the report have been tailored to intrapreneurs, ensuring users know exactly how to leverage their strengths and develop their competencies as an intrapreneur.

  • Entrepreneur Report (47 tokens)

Learn what competencies you will need to start, grow, and renew your own business. Whether you are about to launch a company or are trying to find how to grow a business, the Entrepreneurial Edge’s Entrepreneur Report is your guide to success. The Entrepreneur Report has been tailored to entrepreneurs. Working with entrepreneurship experts with more than 20 years of experience coaching entrepreneurs, the Entrepreneur Report includes key advice for leveraging strengths and developing competencies at each stage of the innovation cycle.

Roger Pearman Ed.D, R. Daniel Parks and Barry Phillips