RPAB Complete Set

Author(s) : S. Whiting, N. Lincoln, G. Bhavnani, and J. Cockburn

Publisher : GL Assessment, 1985

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Please note: The Rivermead Perceptual Assessment Battery (RPAB) has been made out of print. While stocks last.

Purpose: To assess perceptual ability

Age: 16-97 years of age

Time: 45-60 minutes

The Rivermead Perceptual Assessment Battery (RPAB) provides a preliminary assessment of a client’s level of visual perceptual ability prior to therapy.

The degree of visual-perceptual deficit is calculated by comparing the client's visual-perceptual score with that which would be expected for someone of the same premorbid intelligence level.

The battery consists of 16 subtests:

  1. Picture Matching
  2. Right/Left Copying Shapes
  3. Object Matching
  4. Cube Copying
  5. Size Recognition
  6. Three-Dimensional Copying
  7. Series
  8. Cancellation
  9. Missing Article
  10. Figure-Ground Discrimination
  11. Animal Halves
  12. Sequencing-Pictures
  13. Right/Left Copying Word
  14. Body-Image Self-Identification
  15. Body Image
  16. Colour Matching

The RPAB can be used following a stroke or head injury to assess a client's level of visual perceptual deficit which plays an important role in determining rehabilitation therapy.

The RPAB Complete Set includes:

  • Manual
  • 25 Record Forms
  • Layout Guide
  • Stimulus Material
S. Whiting, N. Lincoln, G. Bhavnani, and J. Cockburn

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