Ten Traits of Highly Effective Teachers

How to Hire, Coach and Mentor Successful Teachers

ISBN13 : 9780761977841

Author(s) : Elaine K. McEwan

Publisher : Corwin Press, 2001

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In this quick-read resource for administrators and teachers, author Elaine McEwan explores the ten characteristics that lead to success in the classroom - increased school morale, satisfied parents, and eager, high-achieving students.

This user-friendly guide shares practical insights into the ten crucial traits through real-life examples, experiences, research, and personal reflections from students, parents, and educators at all levels.

Including more than 50 interview questions based on the ten traits to help administrators and teachers prepare for the all-important interview process and dozens of exercises for principals to use to energise experienced teachers, empower new teachers, and nurture the ten traits, this resource outlines what makes an effective teacher and what teaching traits gain results.

Elaine K. McEwan is a partner and educational consultant with The McEwan-Adkins Group, offering workshops in instructional leadership, team building, and raising reading achievement in the USA.

A former teacher, librarian, principal, and assistant superintendent for instruction in a suburban Chicago school district, McEwan is the author of more than thirty-five books for parents and educators.