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Author(s) : ACER Press, 2016

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The ACER Applied Reading Test 2nd ed. (ART-2) can be used to assess reading comprehension of candidates for various job roles and courses. The content deals with mainly work-related topics such as industrial safety and machine operation/maintenance.

The ART-2 consists of three different Test Booklets:

  1. General/Clerical: Appropriate for selection into administrative and clerical roles or courses
  2. Technical/Trades: Appropriate for selection into trade or technical roles or courses
  3. Basic Literacy: Designed to assess basic literacy skills for selection into operational roles or applied courses with minimal literacy requirements.

The ACER ART-2 eManual provides information on:

  • Description and Uses of the ART-2
  • Directions for Administration
  • Scoring
  • Reporting
  • Interpretation of Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Technical Information

Please note: this is an eManual (PDF format only). The ART-2 is administered and scored online via the ACER Psych Testing Platform.

ACER Press, 2016

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