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ACER Select is designed to measure verbal and numerical abilities as demonstrated by the capacity to see relationships and solve problems.

The ACER Select is available as the:

  1. General Select (Verbal/Numerical): Aimed at technical, clerical, administrative, customer service and sales candidates)
  2. Professional (Select Verbal/Numerical): Aimed at professional positions that require a high level of reasoning ability, such as managers, engineers and marketing professionals
  3. Parallel (Verbal Form A/B and Numerical Form A/B): For administrative, customer service and sales positions, technical, graduate recruitment, managerial or leadership roles.

The ACER Select PDF eManual covers all 8 ACER Select forms, providing information on:

  • Selecting the Appropriate Test
  • Directions for Administration
  • Interpretation of Test Scores
  • Technical Information
  • Case Studies
  • Norm Tables
  • The ACER Psych Testing Platform

The ACER Select is administered online via the ACER Psych Testing Platform. To register for an account, click here.

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