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The ACER Test Of Employment Entry Mathematics (TEEM) is a 32-item group test of basic mathematical ability. The items cover basic mathematical problems of a type that might be encountered in a technical or trade training course or on the job in technical or trade positions.

For the paper-and-pen version, candidates refer to a reusable test booklet and their answers are marked on a separate answer sheet, which may be scored by hand using the score key overlay or electronically via Online Response Entries via the ACER Psychological Testing Platform.

Alternatively, the test can be fully administered and scored online via the ACER Psychological Testing Platform.

The ACER TEEM PDF eManual provides information on:

  • Description and Uses of the TEEM
  • Development of the TEEM
  • Paper-based Administration
  • Paper-based Scoring
  • Online Administration
  • Online Scoring
  • Interpreting Test Scores
  • Technical Information

The TEEM Manual is only available as a PDF - there is no hard copy available.

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