ACS-2 Long Form Questionnaire (pkg 10)

Author(s) : Erica Frydenberg and Ramon Lewis

Publisher : ACER Press, 2011

SKU : A102HU

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The Adolescent Coping Scale - Second Edition (ACS-2) is an assessment designed to support young people when examining their own coping behaviour. Updated to measure the usage and helpfulness of coping strategies in general and specific situations, it reliably assesses 20 distinct coping strategies, in adolescents from 12-18 years of age.

The ACS-2 Long Form Questionnaire contains 60 items, providing scores on each of the 20 coping strategies/scales, with three items per scale.

The Long Form provides a more functionally effective and accurate measure and profile of the adolescent.

Erica Frydenberg and Ramon Lewis

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