Action and Reflection Tools for Busy School Leaders

ISBN13 : 978-1-74286-436-5

Author(s) : Pam Ryan

Publisher : ACER, 2017

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Action and Reflection Tools for Busy School Leaders is a suite of practical action and reflection tools (ART) intended to support professional development and school development. Each tool offers activities and processes for thinking about a particular aspect of self or school life. For use in small or large group contexts, the instruments could help guide discussion at team meetings, staff meetings, workshops, conferences and the like. They are designed for highly committed but time-poor leaders who want access to practical ways to work with their school communities.

Pam Ryan is an educator and writer with 30 years of leadership experience, in both the public and the private education sectors, working as a teacher, principal and senior director for networks of schools in Australia and Hong Kong. Her interests and expertise lie in sharing and in facilitating development in the areas of strategic planning, curriculum, leadership, professional learning and education policy, with a particular focus on innovative and creative problem solving.