Anxiety Solutions for Kids

50 ways to ride the wave

Author(s) : Selina Byrne. Illustrated by Katie Jardine

Publisher : St. Luke's Innovative Resources, 2017

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Anxiety Solutions for Kids is a set of 50 cards with simple, practical, creative and fun activities for children who experience worry or anxiety from time to time.

For most people, flashes of worry, nervousness or apprehension happen every now and then. Such experiences serve us very well—they are part of a healthy warning system that develops as we learn from experience. However, sometimes worry can become an unwanted habit and cause all kinds of discomfort. This is when it tips over into anxiety and can become an excruciating and debilitating experience—wreaking havoc in mind, body and soul.

Many children experience anxiety. Whether it is anxiety caused by a particularly challenging circumstance, or generalised, free-floating worry for no apparent reason, this experience can be excruciating.

These cards are based on solution-focussed, strengths-based techniques used by experienced clinical psychologist, Selina Byrne, to help children with worry and anxiety, and to build their wellbeing and resilience.

Combined with the delightful illustrations of Katie Jardine, these cards are perfect for 3 -14 year-olds.

Anxiety Solutions Cards for young people and adults are also available.

Selina Byrne. Illustrated by Katie Jardine