Assessing and Teaching Phonological Knowledge (ATPK) - Checklists (pkg 10)

Author(s) : Dr. John Munro

Publisher : ACER Press, 1998


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Assessing and Teaching Phonological Knowledge (ATPK) can be used to identify development level of phonological knowledge, assess whether difficulties are due to delayed or immature development, and recommend teaching procedures and follow up tasks.

The ATPK Checklists include the Initial Screening Checklist, Parent Referral Form and Full Profile Sheet.

To decide whether a child is having difficulty in any of the areas on the Screening Checklist, educators will evaluate the child's performance relative to age and year level peers who have been exposed to similar teaching, and fill in the presented areas.

The Parent Referral Form outlines the child's developmental, family, language and vision history, and the profile sheet is used to collate the child's performance.

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Dr. John Munro

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