Auditory Processing Chipper Chat

Author(s) : Nancy Christ, Rose Sheedy and Sharon Webber

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

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Auditory Processing Chipper Chat can be used to improve students' abilities to comprehend and process speech and language through use of a game.

Use the individual game boards, magnetic wand and chips, die, and activity book for each game. Students add chips to their game boards as they perform auditory tasks, and once they fill their boards, they wave the "magic" wand and watch the chips "fly" towards it.

The game includes 12 colourful, laminated game board scenes (60 boards in total), and an activity book that provides the flexibility to engage students at various stages of auditory processing. and includes reproducible game cards you can use for an alternative teaching approach.

The activity book includes reproducible game cards that can be used for alternative teaching approaches, and also contains duplicate black and white versions of all 12 game boards for additional practice or for use at home.

This game can be used for group or individual instruction, and is suitable for all ages. .

Nancy Christ, Rose Sheedy and Sharon Webber