BabyCues® Look What I’m Saying Parent Handout

Publisher : Parent-Child Relationship Programs, 2019

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The BabyCues® series is an innovative intervention tool that help parents, home visitors and other caregivers be more “tuned in” to their infant and young child’s feelings by learning to understand and respond to their behavioral cues. Viewing the BabyCues® Video and practicing with the BabyCues® Cards can help parents and other caregivers gain confidence, improve their caregiving skills and ultimately enhance the relationship with the baby or young child in their life.

Learning to read a child’s cues can help parents respond more sensitively by answering questions such as: How can I tell my baby is ready to play and interact? How do I know my child needs a break from an activity? What combination of cues might tell me my baby is hungry?

The BabyCues® Look What I’m Saying Parent Handout is designed for professionals to share with parents and caregivers after viewing the BabyCues® video and/or working with the BabyCues® cards (50 per pad).