Beat Dyslexia Book & CD 5

A step-by-step multi-sensory literacy programme

ISBN13 : 9781855034747

Author(s) : Elizabeth Franks, Myra Nicholson and Celia Stone

Publisher : LDA, 2009

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The wide variety of phonic activities in Beat Dyslexia are based on multi-sensory techniques that assist the teacher in maintaining pupils' interest and enthusiasm - making them ideal for those with short concentration spans. Although primarily designed for dyslexic pupils of all ages, in one-to-one or small group sessions, the careful use of visual and aural approaches, in a clearly structured progression, make them suitable for any pupil struggling to acquire literacy skills.

Beat Dyslexia 5 covers: ou, -ful, -ic, -ick, -tion, -le, -tch, ir, ur, oy, oi, ie, au, aw, ph, ew, ei, -ue, -ous, ch, -ti, -ci, -ssi, -xi, -ture.

Included with the Book are an audio CD and a pack of full colour reading/spelling cards. All material is photocopiable including a blank Certificate of Merit to praise pupils.

Elizabeth Franks, Myra Nicholson and Celia Stone