BRIEF2 ADHD Forms (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Gerard A. Gioia, PhD, Peter K. Isquith, PhD, Steven C. Guy, PhD, and Lauren Kenworthy, PhD

Publisher : PAR, 2020

SKU : 600BFA

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The new Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function®, Second Edition ADHD Form (BRIEF 2 ADHD Form) uses scores from completed BREIF2 Parent, Teacher and Self-Report protocols (including PARiConnect reports) to identify children who are likely to have ADHD. It also determines which ADHD subtype (inattentive or combined) is most likely, so you can recommend effective interventions.

Using scores from the BRIEF2 Working Memory and Inhibit scales, the BRIEF 2 ADHD Form takes a three-step approach to help you determine the likelihood of ADHD:

  1. Compare plotted profiles to known ADHD profiles
  2. Use evidence-based statistics to eliminate likelihood of ADHD diagnosis and subtype
  3. Use a checklist to see how closely ratings align with DSM-5™ inattentive and hyperactive/impulsive criteria.

The BRIEF 2 ADHD Form helps evaluators "rule in" ADHD and "rule out" other explanations for observed behaviors, and helps inform development of IEP goals.

Test Structure

  • Requires BRIEF2 Parent and/or Teacher form scores. BRIEF2 Self-Report Form scores are optional and can be used on the DSM-5™ Symptom Checklist.
  • Compares profiles of parent and teacher ratings with profiles of children diagnosed with ADHD–Inattentive type and ADHD–Combined type.
  • Examines probability of ADHD diagnosis using postive and negative predictive values.
Gerard A. Gioia, PhD, Peter K. Isquith, PhD, Steven C. Guy, PhD, and Lauren Kenworthy, PhD

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