BRIEF2 Screening Self-Report Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Gerard A. Gioia, Peter K. Isquith, Steven C. Guy and Lauren Kenworthy

Publisher : PAR, 2015

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The Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function, Second Edition (BRIEF2) assesses impairment of executive function in children and adolescents, from 5-18 years of age.

This new edition includes a 12-item screening version and updated norms for the Parent, Teacher, and Self-Report forms. The Screening Forms quickly indicate whether further executive function assessment is needed.

No new items were added to the clinical scales, allowing for consistency of data collection between the BRIEF and the BRIEF2.

The BRIEF2 can be administered via pen-and-paper or online.

The BRIEF2 Screening Self-Report Form contains 12 items from the full scale BRIEF2. The form provides instructions to the child/adolescent (11-18 years) for completing the form, then the BRIEF2 items. The child/adolescent will mark their responses directly into the booklet.

As there is no separate Scoring Summary/Profile Sheet for the BRIEF2 Screening Forms, the inside page of the form provides instructions for the examiner in relation to scoring, and areas to record the raw scores. A graph (for plotting the respondent's data) is also provided for a visual representation.

Gerard A. Gioia, Peter K. Isquith, Steven C. Guy and Lauren Kenworthy

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