CARS2 High Functioning Version Rating Booklet (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Eric Schopler and Mary E. Van Bourgondien

Publisher : WPS, 2010

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The Childhood Autism Rating Scale 2nd ed. (CARS2) helps to identify children with autism and determine symptom severity through quantifiable ratings based on direct observation, for children aged 2 years and above.

It includes two 15-item rating scales completed by the clinician (each designed for a different population-Standard and High Functioning); and an unscored Parent/Caregiver Questionnaire, that gathers information for use in marking the Standard and High Functioning ratings.

The *CARS2 High Functioning Version Rating Booklet * includes 15 items, addressing these functional areas:

  • Relating to People
  • Imitation (ST); Social-Emotional Understanding (HF)
  • Emotional Response (ST); Emotional Expression and Regulation of Emotions (HF)
  • Body Use
  • Object Use (ST); Object Use in Play (HF)
  • Adaptation to Change (ST); Adaptation to Change/Restricted Interests (HF)
  • Visual Response
  • Listening Response
  • Taste, Smell, and Touch Response and Use
  • Fear or Nervousness (ST); Fear or Anxiety (HF)
  • Verbal Communication
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Activity Level (ST); Thinking/Cognitive Integration Skills (HF)
  • Level and Consistency of Intellectual Response
  • General Impressions

The clinician rates the individual on each item, using a 4-point response scale.

Rating values for all items are summed to produce a Total Raw Score. Each form includes a graph that allows you to quickly convert the Total Raw Score to a standard score or percentile rank.

The items on the High Functioning form have been modified to reflect current research on the characteristics of people with high-functioning autism or Asperger's Syndrome.

Eric Schopler and Mary E. Van Bourgondien

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