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Click It Word Building Sack

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Click It Sentence Building Sack

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Play word games and create sentences with the Click It Range!

Perfect for using as part of intervention group work, Click It helps prepare children for grammar and writing assessments, as well as helping children who need that extra support.

Click It helps encourage phonological awareness, supports early reading and spelling as well as offering a tactile learning opportunity.


Age: 3-6 years

The Click It Jumbo Word Building Sack contains 114 magnetised 10 x 10cm letter and sound tiles that can be used to teach phonics and spelling. It is the perfect resource if you're looking to take your phonics lessons outside and complement the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics perfectly.

Each of the 114 magnetised tiles will connect with the next, helping pupils have control over how they build a word and providing them with a multi-sensory and memorable learning experience. Each tile is colour coded to ensure they are easily identifiable, making this a fantastic resource for independent consolidation of learning.

  • Teach fun, engaging, and effective phonics lessons using the jumbo tiles: perfect for little hands!
  • Help learners understand how to form words, learn different phonics sounds, and broaden their vocabulary.
  • Use as part of your intervention and catch-up sessions with small groups of pupils outside.

Learning Outcomes

  • Name the letters of the alphabet in order

Ages 4-6 years

The Click It Word Building Sack is a multiuse phonics resource that helps your young learners learn different phonics sounds, understand how to form words, and broaden vocabulary.

Inside the Click It Word Building Sack are 196 letters and sound wooden tiles that 'click' together via the magnets on either side of each tile. The tiles are also colour coded to help learners recognise patterns, 'families', and phonic sounds. Learners can build words either by their sounds or by letters using the smooth, tactile tiles, helping to create a multi-sensory learning experience for them.

  • Revisit and review learning using Click It Word Building Sack either individually or with intervention groups.
  • Encourage phonics play with Click It during continuous provision sessions.
  • Create the perfect multi-sensory experience and teach phonics, reading, and spelling using the tactile, wooden tiles for language exploration.
  • Use as the perfect resource for intervention groups and catch-up sessions.
  • Magnetic blocks connect and pull apart easily.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use phonics knowledge to decode regular words and read them accurately
  • Respond speedily with the correct sound to graphemes for all 40+ phonemes, including, where applicable, alternative sounds for graphemes

Age: 5+ years

Play word games and create sentences with the Click It Sentence Building Sack.

Using these smooth wooden tiles to build sentences with pupils helps provide them with a multi-sensory and memorable learning experience. Each tile is colour coded to denote the word class it comes from: 38 yellow nouns, 19 orange adjectives, 22 green pronouns, 14 purple conjunctions, 15 pink adverbs, 39 blue verbs, 6 pink interjections, 15 dark blue prepositions, 20 grey punctuation, 10 purple articles and 6 dry wipe extras which can be customised.

  • Teach sentence construction and word class with Click It Sentence Building Sack, using the colour coded tiles to show rules and common patterns.
  • Use as part of intervention group work and prepare pupils for grammar and writing assessments, or in catch-up groups for pupils who need that extra push.
  • Excite and engage your pupils in their sentence construction learning using this tactile and fun grammar resource.

What's included?

  • 38 x noun tiles
  • 19 x adjective tiles
  • 22 x pronoun tiles
  • 14 x conjunction tiles
  • 15 x adverb tiles
  • 39 x verb tiles
  • 6 x interjection tiles
  • 15 x preposition tiles
  • 20 x punctuation tiles
  • 10 x article tiles
  • 6 x dry wipe blank tiles

Learning Outcomes

  • Write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences.
  • Learn the correct grammatical terms in English