Getting insights into students’ cognitive abilities opens a whole new realm of possibilities.


CogAT makes it happen by measuring abilities across the symbol systems that are most highly correlated with fluid reasoning, problem solving, and success in school and provides teachers strategies across F - 12. 



CogAT is a research-based and proven test that provides
multiple perspectives on students' ability across grades F–12.


 Verbal Reasoning (30 min total)

Picture / Verbal Analogies (10 min)

Picture / Verbal Classification (10 min)

Sentence Completion (10 min)

Quantitative Reasoning (30 min total)

Number Analogies (10 min)

Number Series (10 min)

Number Puzzles (10 min)

Nonverbal Reasoning (30 min total)

Figure Matrices (10 min)

Figure Classification (10 min)

Paper Folding (10 min)

Three primary uses of CogAT scores

To guide efforts to adapt instruction to the needs and abilities of students.

To provide a measure of cognitive development.

To identify students whose predicted levels of achievement are markedly discrepant from their observed levels of achievement.

CogAT not only reports how well students have developed their abilities (problem solving, critical thinking, higher levels of reading comprehension, writing, and independent learning), but also tells teachers how to adapt instruction so that students with lesser developed reasoning abilities can still attain higher-level outcomes.

The benefits of CogAT 

  • CogAT identifies all students’ abilities
  • CogAT links teachers to instructional strategies through unique CogAT Ability Profiles
  • CogAT delivers predictive data and highlights significant discrepancies between expected and actual achievement
  • CogAT includes three separate cognitive domains to form a more comprehensive perspective of a student’s reasoning abilities
  • CogAT offers the option of the CogAT Screening Form, providing a quick and reliable data point when determinng eligibility for gifted and talented programs

What CogAT level to choose for your students

School Year CogAT Level
Foundation Level 5/6
Year 1 Level 7
Year 2 Level 8
Year 3 Level 9
Year 4 Level 10
Year 5 Level 11
Year 6 Level12
Year 7/8 Level 13/14
Year 9/10 Level 15/16
Year 11/12 Level 17/18

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A recent Education Week Research Center report shows 54% of districts surveyed use the Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT®) as part of their gifted and talented identification criteria.

Scoring and Reporting

The CogAT Reporting Dashboard is a comprehensive online resource for managing, organising, assigning, and implementing your CogAT test events.

To gain rich insights into student abilities, you can choose from a variety of reports that serve the needs of different stakeholders, from families to teachers to administrators. 

In addition to the information provided at time of purchase, the CogAT Reporting Dashboard provides a wealth of teacher support materials including:

  • Research and Development Guide
  • Planning an Implementation Guide
  • Guide for Teachers

Quick Start Videos covering Creating a Test Session, Continue and End Testing All, Manual Entry of Staff and Students and Printing Testing Tickets.

The CogAT Reporting Dashboard delivers interactive views tailored to drive insights relevant to System administrators, Principals, Gifted and Talented program coordinators and Classroom teachers. The dashboard has tools designed specifically to enable educators to use ability data easily and with flexibility as they make important decisions about how best to support students.

With an easy-to-use point-and-click interface, educators can quickly access a personalized Ability Profile™, tailor instruction to mirror how each student learns, better match students to enrichment programs, and uncover gaps between student ability and achievement to access intervention services.

  • Domain-based filters (Verbal, Nonverbal, and Quantitative) help identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. Automatic comparison between domain-based performance and the overall composite score identifies the best programs and services for each student’s needs. Filtering by sub-group allows an evaluation of student scores in context.
  • Role-based reporting – Easy access to tailored reports for each type of educator (coordinators, administrators, teachers, etc.) provides actionable insights for the right person at the right time and lets curriculum directors answer questions they couldn’t answer before.
  • Optimising program allocation – The selection tool allows program coordinators to examine the effects of different cut off scores and combinations with just a few clicks, so they can match student abilities to needs.
  • Integrated access to Ability Profile instructional guidance – Direct access to instructional suggestions linked to each student’s unique Ability Profile within the dashboard helps educators focus on students' areas of greatest cognitive strength. This provides information for more inclusive placement opportunities and tailored instruction.

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